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White/Cement" Air Jordan IVs


The Nike Air Jordan 4 white cement commonly name as "give thanks"by the sneakerhead Dj KHALED was released in 1989. In 2012 followed a retro release. The Nike Air Jordan is expected to make a comeback in 2016.

The OG Nike Jordan 4 became famous when the talented movie director Spike lee wore it in his movie " Do the right thing"

But it is not just because a famous actor wore it. The Nike Air Jordan 4 is a classic, is made out of leather. The shoe is strongly highlighted by its cement grey detailing.  In addition, the branding of Nike on the grey leather on the  back heel give a smooth sexy touch to the shoe.  Also the red Nike air stamp on the insole and outsole add that classic feel to it . The color combination of white, white cement and black makes it even more cooler and very beautiful.

Overall the Nike air Jordan 4 remain one of the best air Jordan ever and that is why Jordan is bringing back this classic in 2016. If you are a sneaker head or just a fan of Jordans, the Nike Air Jordan 4 OG is a MUST HAVE.

Here are some pictures: 

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