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Who's Dj Khaled Wife?

Born on november 26,1975, to palestinian parents, Dj Khaled(Birth name: Khaled mohamed Khaled) grew up in Miami. His love for music came from his parents, who were musicians and played Arabic music.

Today Dj khaled is 40 years old and have done so much in his life. From becoming the king of snapchat, to producing major anthems like "All i do is win", "I'm on one" , etc and collaborating with major artists such as Jay z, Nas, Rick Ross and many more.

Dj khaled along the way added major deals to his name such as the deal with a headphone company, staring in the upcoming movie popstar with Usher. He owns one of the most solicited restaurant in Miami( Finga licking), we the best clothing line and other major products. see here.

Dj Khaled through his snapchat has always attributed his success to hard work, determination, and remaining true to himself. But he always added that along this journey one special person has always been by his side. The person has played a major role in Dj khaled success, providing him with inspiration to bring major quotes lines like "you mine" "you loyal" and etc.

The saying is true that " behind every successful man there is a wise and strong woman" For Khaled is his long time fiance partner Nicole Tuck.

Dj Khaled and Nicole

Nicole and Khaled are together for 11 years but not yet married. Khaled promised to marry Nicole when he will be financially secure. With the list major deals Khaled has been signing we believe a wedding plan is on the way.

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