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Your Favorite Rapper Headphone Brand

Listening is music important. For some it is therapy for other is a kill stress. One key element to enjoy your best songs are good speakers and good headphones.

Here we review few headphones from some of your best rappers If you are a fan of rap or hip hop you know that aside from the music business, musicians tend to partake in other businesses such as clothing, alcohol, electronics.

Here we have three great rappers with headphones, all with great quality sound.

Dj Khaled, best known today as the king of snapchat and hits maker is one of the last global artist rapper to team up with a major headphone company. – BEO PLAY.

You can expect a quality song from these headphones. Dj Khaled is known for being a perfectionist in the studio. The quality of the music he produces is very important to him. You can expect the same attention and details on these headphones. You can notice the change and the precision when you change from a phone to a stereo.

For this partnership Bang & Olufsen and Heads Innovation used a new innovative noise cancellation system for the BEOPLAY H6 WITH DJ KHALED line. The new innovative system ensures that the song keeps his original and intend sound as intended for the studio and the artist.

The headphone line comes in three colors, Black and redRed and Golden, Black and golden. They are all leather made with theWE THE BEST LOGOsignature on the top. The Headphone is endorsed and acclaimed by many Dj's and radio hosts such as Big BBoy, Ebro, and may others


The second rapper to be review is 50Cent. 50 cent is no stranger to anyone. He is among the top business rapper alive along side P Diddy, Jay Z, Dr  Dre.  Curtis Jackson is ranked among the top 10 richest rapper by Forbes.

50 Cent is a business man . He is invested  in many business from clothing with his underwear Frigo, alcohol with Effen Vodka, energy drink with streek king  movies and TV Show power and electronics.

50 Cent in 2011 founded SMS audio after acquiring KONO Audio. 50 cent rebranded KONO Audio by introducing his own headphones line Street by 50 cent.

You can expect fashionable headphones comparable to the Beats by Dre. The headphones are well designed and very comfortable. They are light and compact. The quality of the sound is good. 50 Cent is not a sound perfectionist like Dj Khaled but the sound can’t be questionable. If you are just an average music listener this are great for you.

The Street by 50 cent is particular. They have aspecial lossless wireless properties, keeping the quality of the song intact and can also connect up to four devices at a 50 feet range.

They are good for group usage among friends, family and in the recording studio. You have a wide range and variety of headphones You will surely find your taste. You can see the full range here

Dr Dre like DJ Khaled is a sound perfectionist. The quality of the sound is very important to him. Fellow artists hailed about Dr Dre sound precision. This can be seen in all the hit records he produced.

Beats by Dre was founded as a partnership between   music mogul Jimmy Lovine and Dr Dre.  They later sold the company to Apple for 3 billions dollars.

The quality of the headphones are unquestionable. The sound quality from Beats headphones are filtered with a measured bass and triple. They are fashionable, light and very compact.

The headphones are endorsed by several pop artists such as Justin Bieber, Lady gaga, Nicky Minaj, Lebron James and many others.

The Headphones are available in multiple colors and are customizable to fit your taste.

Here you can view all the beats by Dre headphones catalog Click here

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